Wheelchair Accessible: Greenways


These greenways are a perfect place for people with physical difficulties to enjoy the tourism in a wheelchair. This is because with these greenways can enjoy a totally natural environment, very close to the vegetation and with a perfectly flat terrain even if it is dirt roads.

Greenways are often in high demand among amateur cyclists, people with a physical disability or wheelchair, or even for popular walks. These greenways are gentle trails, very close to the living nature, this makes people with a physical disability can practice sport in an easy and unhindered way that may hinder their activity.

The Orthobox online store offers a great variety of products for people with some physical disability or with mobility reduced from crutches, to wheelchairs and walkers. With the help of these products, people with physical disabilities will be able to move in a more simple and independent way even when they are practicing tourism in these greenways.

In this way, thanks to these greenways and Orthobox products, anyone with a physical disability, can be able to do tourism in a completely independent and without any difficulty. If you want to buy any of the products of Orthobox, just enter the website and find out: http://www.orthobox.es/.

Both tourism and sport are necessary activities for any person, that is why there are such places, so that people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility can practice sport in a more independent way and in direct contact with the nature.

Thanks to these greenways, people with physical disabilities will be able to trek without danger and in an independent and easy way, being close to the living nature.


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