Visual MS and Cisco are the best technology companies to work in Spain


The Visual MS Group (Visual Trans, Velneo, Venzo CRM) has been awarded as the best company in the category (50-99 employees), and from now on can boast the Best Workplace 2017 label that only the best companies have to work All Spain

Visual MS is a technology group focused on business software, but it is not in Silicon Valley but in Galicia, and the people who work here have a very different ecosystem of advantages than usual.

People are the fundamental axis, and one of the latest innovations is the possibility of working with coaches for personal development, or being able to make retreats of three days in isolated places to work this personal growth team.

At the level of the family conciliation offers flexible hours, Friday afternoon free, continuous day of 35 hours a week in summer, possibility of extra holidays, free local holidays, and the possibility of telework. In fact there are people who are working all year round from different cities in Spain.

In addition, there is 360 ° feedback with colleagues and coordinators, follow-up interviews, career plan with possibility of promotion and project changes, training in design, transparent business information and payroll on demand (gourmet checks, childcare check, insurance Medical, mobile, ADSL at home …).

Visual MS wants to work with the best and the best deserve the best salary. That’s why your pay is based on formulas above the market.

They also have their own calendar of celebrations. In Visual MS it is promoted to celebrate the fact of being together, and the people themselves are organized to lead each time in a different way.

All this ecosystem that makes Visual MS so special is born of the firm belief that “Working at ease we give the best”, one of the four values ​​of culture, and above all is something that is noticed in people and breathed when Visits the offices.