The importance of enterprise data protection and retrieval

Hard disk, disco duro

Guardion offers a cyber prevention and data recovery service to prevent digital blackmail. The number of data that companies store is increasing every day, hence the importance of having important data protected and in case of loss or theft, know with which professional team to contact.

Data is the most important part of a business. In a company’s databases, all types of information are stored: fiscal data, personal data, e-mails, NIF, CIF bank accounts, postal addresses …

Emails sent and received, apart from being a means of communication for the company, are a valuable flow of information for cybercriminals. Currently, 43% of companies have easily vulnerable security holes, which hackers exploit to digitally attack the company and steal their most precious data.

In 2016, the IPs registered in the attacks originated in Vietnam (28%), Russia (22%), China (21%), Brazil (15%) and the United States (14%).


Antivirus and updated applications, digital backups or on hard disks and passwords are the main measures to take into account to protect the company’s data, but these measures are not enough, digital barriers are becoming easier to franchise, So it is necessary to implement a cyber prevention plan and a data recovery plan to avoid blackmail of a hacker.

When a data theft occurs to a company, it can act in several ways: to continue with the company’s activity without the lost data, to try to recover all the information of the backup that they have or to hire a company of Data recovery to try to recover the lost data.

There are programs that recover data that solve any type of problem, but there are many cases that vary in their complexity, and each one must be treated in a particular way: from the elimination of data by mistake of the user, through malware and viruses Computers, even hardware accidents. Only a professional team, trained and with the appropriate infrastructure, will be able to give a definitive solution and recover the lost information of your device of storage of suitable form.

Before making any attempt to recover data, a complete diagnosis of the current situation must be made. Determining the exact factor that caused the loss is crucial in order to recover the information, this will be the only way to determine if we are facing a case of physical damage (hardware), or a combination of both.

By 2017 experts predict an increase in advanced digital attacks, including attacks on the cloud, so Guardion is committed to a Data Recovery Plan “It is fundamental to make companies aware of the importance of their data and to provide them with a Plan for immediate reaction to the theft of the same. Understand the investment in data recovery as a basic expense, not as an extra expense, “says Latoya Bote, product manager of Guardion.