Response of the Government of Spain on the zombie apocalypse


The Spanish government’s response to the question of whether it has a protocol against a zombie attack as it was already done in the parliament of Canada. But it is not the only government concerned, so is the United States, in its Conplan 8888 protocol, defines the measures to be taken and the types of zombies that can be found.

Government Response:

The Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Royal Academy contains two meanings of the word apocalypse.

Regarding the first of them, “end of the world”, the Government informs the Honorable Member that it does not have specific protocols for such an eventuality, among other reasons, because that moment can not be reached.

On the second meaning of the dictionary, “a catastrophic situation, caused by natural or human agents, evoking the image of total destruction”, it is indicated, on the contrary, that Spain has a global system of concrete procedures and protocols Of prevention of emergencies, both in the field of civil protection, in which all public administrations participate, as well as in the State Security Forces and Bodies. In 2012, the Government also articulated a coordinating body for the control and monitoring of critical situations, the National Security Council, which is in charge of directing the National Security policy.

With regard to the possibility that the aforementioned apocalypse of interest to the Honorable Member is, as indicated in his parliamentary question, a “zombie” character, the Spanish Language Dictionary of the Royal Academy is used again, as in the previous case , Also includes two meanings for the aforementioned term.

Thus, in relation to the first of them – “a person supposed to be dead and revived by art of witchcraft in order to dominate his will” – the Government, in view of the possibility set forth by the Honorable Member that a hypothetical apocalypse should be carried out by This type of beings, has not adopted any specific protocol beyond those previously mentioned, given the dubious probability that such a circumstance occurs under such premises.

Finally, in relation to the second of the indicated meanings of the term zombi – “stunned, who behaves like an automaton” – the Honorable Member is informed that Spain and its public administrations have several lines of action, although the Government doubts That those who could be found in the circumstances described in the aforementioned definition – by many that they are – can get to star in a situation of apocalypse such as the one of interest to the Honorable Member.


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