Distrust of users when buying online

Compra online

At the Brussels consumer summit, 50% of Europeans do not trust the Internet to make purchases. The European Commission (EC) has managed to gather more than 400 people from different consumption positions to discuss new measures that could save up to 400 euros per year.

European Consumer Commissioner Neven Mimima told the summit that “if we want them to buy more, we have to give them more guarantees”. That is why the EU consumer summit debates some measures that can improve security in electronic commerce.

According to some estimates by the Commission, about 80% of the revenue of the digital content industry comes from additional elements of applications by citizens incited by some type of “misleading advertising”. The average age among people who actively consume through the network is more than one million, whose ages encompass children and adolescents between 10 and 19 years. This is because although they are shown as a type of “free download application” simply need additional cost elements to be used. EC Vice-President and Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes commented: “This is a scam, no doubt. We are working with the industry to curb these practices, but it may also be necessary to strengthen the rules of transparency in information. ”

Another issue that has been raised at the summit has been to improve access to the Internet, such as the bill that will be voted in plenary of the European Parliament to ban roaming between EU countries.

As a conclusion, this summit has been aimed at several fronts: more transparency in the information that is offered to consumers, greater protection of personal data, easier online payments, common protocols for resolving litigation and simplification of rules for To achieve a single digital market throughout the EU


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