Are you looking for a hotel? Destinia’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger helps you find it


“Hello Carmen, where are you looking for the hotel?” This phrase starts Destinia customers can find accommodation thanks to the new chatbot on Destinia’s Facebook Massenger. This is a first version of this new functionality that is designed to streamline communication with customers in a channel as important as Facebook in the day to day travelers.

“Technology opens up very interesting ways for us to innovate in the way we relate to our customers. Now we can handle this type of requests more comfortably for the user, giving you fast accommodation options according to what you are looking for, but this is only a first step to improve your experience. Once launched we want to see how customers use them, learn from them and undoubtedly improve the processes of natural language recognition” says Amuda Goueli, CEO of Destinia.

Destinia is the first online travel agency in Spain that opens to the public a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, after several months of internal development to adapt to this channel the information that the company handles in real time on the web.

This initial chatbot also opens interesting ways of working in the future to be able to automatically manage other requests from customers such as cancellations of reservations and open it to the search for other services – such as flights. In addition, this logic can be applied to other social networks like Whatsapp. At the moment, this chatbot will be launched in English, French, German, Portuguese and Arabic to serve the clients of the main markets in which Destinia operates.


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