Benefits of learning Japanese in Japan


Studying a Japanese course at Lenfex transfers the following benefits to the student:

Improve confidence: Learning a language increases safety. Progress in Japanese gives the student a strong enough motivation to continue learning the language.

Stimulate brain development: Through reading the language (syllabic system and ideogram) activate both hemispheres of the brain helping to develop.

Increase friendships: This experience may be useful for making friends, as well as for learning the language, culture …

Driving the race: At the moment it is very normal to speak more than one language. Speaking Japanese will earn points when it comes to getting an international position in any organization.

On the other hand, if the position is nowadays international, it will be possible to negotiate better with the Japanese. Because they feel more secure when their interlocutor speaks to them in their language.

A romantic view of life. Japanese has a wealth of vocabulary, full of nuances and expressions that improve the transmission of states of mind. In this language there are expressions that in other languages ​​do not exist or, directly, do not have a possible translation.

Japanese is a hard and difficult language to learn since it has its own grammar, phonetics and linguistics. The language is widespread, for the most part, in Japan and the former Japanese colonies. The language has an uncertain origin and is difficult to include in a phylogenetic family. However, it has been found to be influenced by Korean and other languages ​​of the former colonies of Japan.

In the world there are 130 million people who speak Japanese, mainly in the archipelago. For this reason, it is considered that learning Japanese in Japan is a very successful and safe option. Training with the Japanese language course in Lenfex and finishing the language is a great option.

Lenfex knows the complexity of the language for this offers to realize the Japanese course in Japan with the objective of obtaining the best of each student.


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