Colting Swimrun

Colting swimrun sr03 black m large

to get a lighter and more efficient running step swimrun sr03 has a thinner material around the hip and thigh to reduce friction swimrun sr03 has a neoprene with a different structure in the crotch portion to reduce wear swimrun sr03 has a coarser material on the back of the thighs and legs swimrun sr03 has larger pockets for easier and safer wearing with the things that can be useful during a swimrun pass in order to maintain the low weight even when the suit is wet pockets have been supplemented with water drainage holes swimrun sr03 has a zipper both front and back in order to quickly cabba down the suit with the help of what we call the optimal freedom bouyancy where you combine the suit swimrun sr03 together with our swimcalfs sc02 we want to regain the feeling of freedom where everything started around the sport swimrun has grown into a sport with room for creativity regarding materials and accessories during competitions you usually see swimrun practitioners with ropes paddles floating columns and various other aids where the focus is more on which tools you have and how to get from one point to another in the fastest and best way with the help of our swimcalfs sc02 and our suit sr03 with extra buoyancy on the thighs we hope to find the feeling of freedom that existed when the sport was new where the participants without floating limbs and arms free of a lot of aids in an unobstructed way can reach through forest and over the sea