Brooks b17 limited turquoise new19

the b17 is our flagship model ideal for long distance sports touring trekking and mtb use the standard models feature black steel rails and steel rivets the b17 special features copper plated steel metalwork and both the b17 special and the titanium also feature hand hammered copper rivets

Brooks b17 narrow saddle black

esta es una version mas deportiva de nuestro mundialmente reconocido y verdaderamente intemporal b17 un diseno tan bueno que ha estado en constante produccion desde que aparecio en nuestro catalogo de 1910 el brooks b17 narrow es ideal para bicicletas de carreras de pura sangre o para turismo y ha sido durante mucho tiempo la primera eleccion de ciclistas deportivos que prefieren la libertad de movimiento de los muslos que su perfil estrecho proporciona sin compromiso en la comodidad que brinda todo brooks saddle caracteristicas largo 279 mm ancho 151 mm altura 70 mm peso 530 g marco acero de color negro fabriqu e en angleterre

Brooks b17 special saddle honey

el b17 es nuestro modelo estrella ideal para recorridos deportivos de larga distancia trekking y uso de mtb ha estado en el mercado por mas de 100 anos siendo presentado ya en el catalogo de 1898 el modelo esta disponible para caballeros y damas b17 caballeros y b17 s damas el brooks b17 special presenta una estructura metalica de acero chapado en cobre y remaches de cobre martillados a mano caracteristicas longitud 275 mm ancho 175 mm altura 65 mm peso 540 g marco cobre color miel hecho en inglaterra

Brooks cambium comfort grips black 100 100mm

our best rubber handlebar grips with organic cotton for natural look and feel 100mm set for use with dual grip shifting systems and handlebars with shorter contact area such as brompton m type handlebars

Brooks flyer s classic honey

the flyer and its ladies model flyer s are classically sprung saddles for long distance trekking and touring it is directly descending from the b66 champion first featured in the 1927 catalogue sharing the same leather tops of the b17 models they combine the comfort of these popular models with the extra suspension granted by two rear springs technical information length 242 mm width 176 mm heigtht 86 mm weight 800 gr material vegetable tan leather top steel frame with springs tubolar steel rivets made in england care information a new saddle should be trated with brooks proofide leather dressing to help assist the breaking in process proofide also helps to keep the leather supple as it is carefully formulated from special ingredients to condition preserve and shower proof your saddle brooks proofide is the only substance that should be used to take care of your saddle

Brooks b17 narrow imperial saddle black

the b17 narrow imperial is another variation of our time honoured b17 design featuring a distinctive cut out section in the top of the leather first conceived and registered by brooks over a century ago in the catalogue of j b brooks co dated 1890 a model called the b86 imperial with its unique registered cutting is described as a sure preventative to all perenial pressure another distinctive feature of the b17 narrow imperial are the perforations along the lower edge of the leather sides which are threaded together one side to the other by a lace this can be adjusted to help maintain the saddle s shape and provide comfort in the long term tying the leather lace tightly pulls the sides of the saddle closer together conversely loosening the lace enables the saddle sides to splay slightly further apart this sideways fine tuning of the b17 narrow imperial is of course in addition to the usual fore and aft tensioning mechanism common to all brooks saddles features length 279 mm width 151 mm height 70 mm weight 530 g rail chromium plated steel color black made in england